Service Price (in Rands)
 Translation (rate per word)
  • Spanish into English and vice versa

  • Summary translation


R2.00 per word


R400 per hour

Proofreading R150 per hour
Editing R250 per hour
Minimum charge for translations of 300 words or less R400

Additional charges


Charge for working on non-editable documents, including PDF documents, physical print-outs, etc.



Plus 10% of base price


Terms and conditions and additional information


  1. A free, formal, non-binding price quote for each project will be issued once the documents to be translated/details about the project have been sent.
  2. No project work will be started unless the customer has signed and approved the quote in writing via email.
  3. Valued repeat customers do not have to sign every price quote, but are kindly asked to simply approve the price quote via e-mail
  4. Pre-payment in full is kindly requested for all personal document translations.
  5. Translation projects by new customers might require a small deposit.
  6. Payment terms are net 30. Any invoices not paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice will be subject to penalties.
  7. Payments can be made either via EFT or PayPal.